Stealing babies – Stoney Brook University and Sarah Lawrence College professors want to steal your child

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2 professor (actual professors, with degrees, at a real university, with real life students to influence) have decided that the best way to make the world more compassionate, is to steal your baby from you at birth and randomly swap it with someone else’s. And don’t take this personally, they want to do it with everyone’s babies too.


Apparently, if babies were randomly “swapped” (i.e. stolen) at birth, this might end racism.


“This plan is … perhaps even repellent.” Perhaps repellent? PERHAPS?! This is one of the only things mentioned in their article that suggests that having your baby stolen from you at birth might not be so grand. They never say abducting babies is a bad idea, only that some people might raise a few trifling objections.


The authors are so detached from reality that they genuinely think parents would NOT resort to having their babies in secret. Because then the babies wouldn’t have birth certificates. Yes, I’m sure that would keep the parents from having their baby in secret so they could actually raise their own child.


There are 4 things here that terrify me in, random order. (Ok, there are way more, but let’s keep this brief and polite.)


Terrify me #1 – The thought of not having my children. And no Howard Rachlin and Marvin Frankel, I don’t care that they might end up as Bill Gate’s children and have more “advantages” in life. My wife and I are their best advantage.


Office: Psychology B-146
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Marvin Frankel


Terrify me #2 – That university lecturers can so willfully or deceptively miss so many mistakes in logic. The holes in their arguments are huge and glaring. The disconnects with reality are atrocious. Either that or they deliberately ignored what’s it like to actually be a parent because they know their students won’t have that experience, and will more easily miss the reality checks that any parent reading this drivel will have. I.e. they ignored all the important stuff so they could more easily convince their students to believe this crap.


A parent reading this has an automatic shriveling of their insides at the thought of this (called a visceral reaction, like disgust and hatred for anyone suggesting this). A university student (with no kids) thinks “Gee, we can help the world (swoon).” Hands up parents in the audience who are willing to sacrifice your children to save the world. Hands up those who are happy to let the world burn to save their children. That’s what I thought. If it were any other way our species wouldn’t have survived.


If those authors, or anyone else for that matter, wants to sponsor a debate between us, I would abso-freaking-lutely love, love, LOVE to debate these douchebags.


3 – These people take this seriously. It seems to be a genuine option as far as they’re concerned. Ignoring the logical fallacies, the links between ideas that are based on emotion (and how they’d like the world to work) more than logic or love, they really and truly believe in this shit.


4 – They have students. A captive audience that is conditioned through years of schooling to pay attention and internalise whatever is said by a person standing in front of a room full of seated people (i.e. be gullible). They have students who are conditioned to make themselves believe whatever is said to them. Or else they think they’ll fail the exam.


It’s said that the mark of an educated mind is the ability to entertain an idea without accepting it. I don’t think anyone is fool-hardy enough to think this actually refers to university or school students. You memorise what is placed in front of you. Take for granted that it’s true. Regurgitate the information on exam day.


How many of these kids are going to go out into the world and try spread this “oh-so-wonderful, we can end racism, yay!” idea?


I believe that universities should be places where you discuss, debate, critique and pull apart all manner of ideas. Especially uncomfortable ones. Unfortunately that’s not what happens in university these days. Now it’s just another “learn this or else” continuation of high school.


Oh yes, thing number 5 that terrifies me: There’s this thing called “theft”. I’m sure they’d recognise it if someone kidnapped their wife or stole their watch or car or something, but apparently it’s all cool if it’s only a baby.


If anyone reading this attends Stoney Brook University or Sarah Lawrence College, please either intellectually rip them to shreds in front of all their students or else boycott these arseholes’ classes and give them my fondest, warmest disgust.

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