Now THIS is a line in the sand, properly enforced

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An excellent case study on definitive action from a prepared mind.Our example happens in the first 60 second of the video:


Now I am no fan of the police state, but I am a fan of learning from whoever you can. Watch how the protester gets 0 chances to cross the line without retaliation. He gives the cop the middle finger (2 of them). All fine. He closes with the cop. All fine. He starts lifting his hands towards the cop. Snatched. No hesitation from the cop – he sees a move, he acts. No shoving matches (you push him, he just comes back), definitive action that changes the game on the guy. He wanted to play the “screw you, I’m going to mouth off game”. The stormtrooper changed the game on him.


(It looks like the guy wasn’t actually going to hit or shove the cop, but the cop had a line in the sand of “hands move towards me”. His line was crossed. He acted. Situation resolved.)

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