Social boundaries do not exist – Migrant attack edition

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This is for all those people out there who think that they won’t get punched. Whether it’s somebody being an asshole, using everybody else’s politeness as protection. Or whether it’s a woman who thinks she won’t have to defend herself because “you don’t hit a lady”.


Say it with me now, and let it be engraved on your foreheads:







Please notice that this chick did everything right. She avoided and walked out the ambush zone as best she could. She got away, so by definition she did everything right. But if they had wanted to do more than just smack her and kick her once, was she ready to fight off overwhelming violence and a potential gang rape?



This woman was unfortunately standing still (I wasn’t there, so I’m not going to judge her about this). If she had been walking away or trying to leave I suspect she would’ve had a better chance at not ending up unconscious on the floor with 2 guys stomping her head.



I’m sorry but this chick I’m judging. What kind of effective response was that? She got pissed off (understandably) and let her anger keep her engaged in a fight with a man (i.e. stronger than her) who had back up. There are many responses to this (from walking away to these), but pushing him and grabbing his jacket and a “kick”? Not good. You win by playing a different game to him, and that means either de-escalate and escape, or escalate it to what he’s not prepared for.


There are no “boundaries”. There is no safety except that you enforce for youself.


You don’t provide yourself with safety, you enforce it. This means 99,999%* of your life is smooth sailing with nothing to worry about. It’s that once off event that requires you to flip the switch and turn into the animal you really are. Go read the first lines of my About page.


* – If you live in a migrant area in Europe you % safety might be somewhat different.


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