Another Sweden migrant gang rape – what can we learn

Swedish woman gang raped by (up to) 20 migrants. Filmed on CCTV. All accused were acquitted because she had drugs in her system, was trying to buy more drugs.

Criminals use magic

Here’s the deal, multitasking doesn’t exist, human beings cannot do it. Not even women. And criminals can exploit this.

New years resolutions? Piss off, Bob.

“How do you look like a warrior who eats right, lifts heavy shit and trains in the martial arts? By eating right, lifting heavy shit and training in the martial arts.” Johnny Pain ( – or words to that effect. Read More …

The Art of the Hero – doctrine

“For most of human history, the art of the hero wasn’t left up to chance; it was a multidisciplinary endeavor devoted to optimal nutrition, physical self-mastery, and mental conditioning. The hero’s skills were studied, practiced, and perfected, then passed along Read More …

Do not be prey

There is a grim word for an incompetent man, out there in the billowing shadows. It is “prey”. Do not be prey. You will not survive it.   – Ivan Throne (The Nine Laws)

What are your lines in the sand?

Will you let a home invader tie you & your wife up? Would you let a carjacker pull you out the car while your kids are in the back? Will you let a couple muggers separate you from your girlfriend?

I fell for a home invasion trick

The guy at my door could’ve walked in so easily. He could’ve been inside and hurt my kids so quick.